04/02/24 Try Something New!

04/02/24 Try Something New!

In the last 2 weeks we have had 2 brand new workshops which have proven to be a great success!

Vicky and Pam held their Dolls House workshop at the end of January, such a success, that the attendees asked to go back for more! The images below really don't do justice to what was actually achieved - the attention to detail is absolutely fantastic.

New date for the extremely popular Dolls House Workshop is here with full details

Vicky and Pam ready to start workshopDolls House Workshop room settingDolls House workshop in progress

Just today, Sunday 4/2/24 Pam from PRS Crafts held her first Learn to Knit workshop. I was lucky to attend this, originally I was there to support but had the opportunity to join in and refresh my knitting skills as part of the group.

Pam did an excellent job of making everyone feel relaxed and welcome with her motherly personality. 

Craig and Gill at knitting workshopPam Emma Claire knittingKnitting workshop group

Anyone who has taught, tutored or coached any subject always wants the participants to get the absolute best out of every session and achieve whatever the proposed goal is. Today we experienced that even in a beginners class there are still many unique differences in the way that people learn, speed of work and also individual approach.

My particular style is quite 'slapdash', I am well aware, to me ticking something off the list as an experience counts as an achievement where as to many the achievement does not count until they have mastered a skill.

I am always in awe of those people who give 100% to everything that they do, the perfectionists amongst us.

This subject had us briefly talk about star signs and how we recognised these traits, although with birthdays just 1 day apart I fell short of the typical Virgo personality!  I do believe life can change our ideals and beliefs considerably but worth noting there are some people who prefer to do 1000 things quite averagely and some who prefer to do 1 or 2 things very well and we should respect our differences.

This is the part of teaching / coaching / tutoring, the soft skills that are to be recognised and factored into sessions to accept everyone as they are and still keep the session or workshop moving forward, managing expectations, yet not showing any anxiety or putting the attendees under any pressure if we don't all reach our original target.

There certainly is a lot to think about and manage to make sure that everyone gets the most out of these sessions, especially when we describe them as 'relaxing, therapeutic, come and learn a new skill!'

Judging from the feedback Vicky and Pam received and my experience at Pam S's session today we are meeting our goal of delivering quality, unforgettable experiences for our attendees.

If you'd like to join Pam's next sessions, more info here and more from Vicky coming soon!

As always, our blogs are designed to welcome all feedback and comments, we respond as quickly as possible and love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

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Clairey, thank you for lovely comments, I will share with Pam. Who knew knitting could be so much fun! x

Emma D

Attended Pams knitting workshop quite by fluke as I bumped into the group on my way out of a very emotional prior class. Usually I am shy, withdrawn with huge imposter syndrome & yes I’m one of those ‘perfectionist people’. But today I allowed myself to be a beginner in a fun relaxed nurturing environment we had a giggle & I learnt a new skill (well attempted to)! Thank you Pam & Creative UK for having me & my minimal knitting skills but HUGE sense of gratitude!! Would certainly recommend – as Craig & I can vouch no prior experience needed, just willingness, perseverance & Pam to keep the ‘sticks’ in order! Thanks Guys!!!

Clairey Wills

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