There's no harm in sharing, is there?

There's no harm in sharing, is there?

No harm in sharing, is there?
Below we share our plans for Creative - UK, bringing new craft workshops to our portfolio. We share our promise of fair terms for our tutors and quality, unforgettable experiences for our end customers.
As a new year starts some of us will naturally think about hopes and wishes for the coming months.
Some of the more analytic set some targets, be they professional or personal.
Since the covid years planning has felt different, more difficult, for many of us, who knows what could happen next?

Those who make a plan and have the focus and tenacity to stick to it should be admired

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So, we are sharing what we have planned for Creative, maybe as a way to cement the plans, a commitment for all to see.
The December launch, was purposely a ‘soft launch’ we wanted to make sure we had all of our ‘ducks in a row’ before we develop further.
January will be unpredictable, we have 4 workshops planned and will roll with it while approaching more expert crafters to join us as tutors and will work to support the tutors already hand picked.
We honestly believe Sam, Pam, Matt and Mel are some of the best crafters in our area and can’t wait to support with workshops and planning for the future.
The plan includes having 5 tutors regularly holding sessions by the end of March, all offering different types of subject.

A second strategy is ‘Beat the January Blues’ a campaign, aimed towards a slightly different audience.

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We may break in April for a side project, if you’ve never heard of Survivor Trail Challenge have a look.
Following Easter we plan to approach another 5 experts,
In different fields of craft or further afield geographically.
By the end of June we will have 10 tutors, at that point we will take stock as a half year review and look at where the growth of Creative takes us next.
We will listen to tutor and customer feedback and do our best to be agile in our direction.

Our promise is fair terms for our tutors


quality, unforgettable experiences for our end customers.

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Hi Rosemarie, I was referring to tutors who are located further afield to develop Creative across the UK, but Craig and myself are based near Saltburn and always expect to have a bigger presence here. We are constantly speaking with new tutors and seeking out more variety of workshop subjects. I am meeting with another fab tutor tomorrow – watch this space!


Excited and glad it seems to be taking off. Onviously some of us are waiting for a particular area while it is good to try new things. When you say geographically do you mean thet will hold worjshops in our area or would we have to travel? Onviously I am hoping our area?

Rosemarie Bell

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