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What's new (pussycat)?

If you haven't noticed yet, my love for cats knows no bounds. Give me real cats, ornaments, pictures - anything feline!! So, if there's an opportunity to squeeze an image of a cat on the company logo or in the title of a blog they will be there!

Our ginger fellow can usually be found sharing some of his fur on any dark coloured garments he can find and he takes that job quite seriously!

We started the year with a full house at our pyrography workshop in Ingleby Barwick and already have another one at the same venue fully booked.

pyrography workshop attendees

Pam and Mel are looking forward to completing their first workshops of the year 

Learn to knit

Victoria based at Saltburn Studios & Gallery is offering her Dolls House Workshop with us

Matt is in the process organising some art workshops  

Rachael is planning some felt stitch and stuff dates

So, reading back over the previous blog from 27/12/23 I am extremely happy as to where we are in the plan just 18 days into 2024!

One thing that we often get asked during workshops is when we buy our supplies from and which burners are best for pyrography so we have decided to 'open' an online craft supplies store, just a few items at the moment but potential for it to grow in the future.

On that note we always said that we didn't want to be a selling site, but we may offer a page per tutor in future to allow them to sell their handmade products here too.

As a business, unfortunately we have to be constantly looking at ways to generate sales but the promise that we made when we decided to launch a website 'fair terms for tutors and value for money, unforgettable experiences for the end customer' is always at the forefront of our minds.

Thank you for reading, all comments are most welcome.









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You have done very well so far in promoting your new business venture.with lots of interesting crafts Well done !!

Brenda Rooks

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