Unforgettable Experiences

Unforgettable Experiences

When did you last have an unforgettable experience? - can you remember one? Maybe they don't happen often enough!

On our home page the strap line for Creative-UK craft workshops is 'we create unforgettable experiences' here we discover how and why.

We would love to hear about the best customer experience that you ever had.

From a personal perspective, when I reflect on moments that I have experienced they are usually shared with friends or family, often something out of my direct comfort zone, e.g. trying a new activity, in a new location or something that I consider challenging, even when I have read reviews or researched the activity. Often the most unfamiliar are the most exciting and heighten the enjoyment, so when we say 'come and try our workshops' if its something new to people we understand the hesitance but in actual fact this also builds into the positivity of the experience.

mother and daughter crafting

It is daring of Creative-Uk to claim 'unforgettable experiences' for all of our workshops ,compelling us to uphold that standard.

Here's a list of the absolute basics for all of our workshops, a check list which we adhere to in order to exceed the expectations of our workshop participants;

  • A passionate belief in affordability & value
  • Free refreshments
  • A takeaway item

In addition to the above we strive to surprise and delight our participants, going 'the extra mile' at every opportunity.

We are compassionate, empathic and take great pride in creating a serene ambiance for all. You can come alone or in a group, we make sure that everyone feels welcome. Our small groups guarantee direct access to the tutors, enabling questions and fostering personalised attention as needed. 

If you feel more comfortable lying down, go ahead! No judgement here.

lying down at a creative-uk workshop

Some 'real life' examples include a complimentary commission for someone who was disappointed with their own handiwork and offering glasses on loan when someone forgot their own.

Although these examples may be one off events, we will always do our very best to ensure every single person is comfortable and enjoys their experience. 

Our craft workshops offer a creative escape, we receive feedback that proves their therapeutic nature. Participants also benefit from acquiring new skills, forming social bonds, boosting self-assurance, and relishing a sense of achievement. See more on well-being from a comprehensive article published by BUPA

We recently hosted a workshop for a group of 8, who partake in regular sessions together and we were pleased to receive a great review. 

email review from group booking

An emphasis for the upcoming year is to collaborate with additional group bookings, community organisations, companies hosting 'team building/wellness days', festivities, etc. These gatherings can be customised to specific time frames, venues, group capacities; we are delighted to partner with each organisation in crafting the ideal session.

craft group at creative-uk workshop

Our goal is very real, we create the unforgettable experience, you leave with the 'buzz' of having had great time.

We try to capture the buzz with photos and reviews.

We would love to hear from you about the best customer service/experience that you have ever received.

All feedback received from our workshops is greatly appreciated

Kindly share a comment below or contact us. We pride ourselves on being genuine people behind this platform - no bots!

If you have a suggestion, question or something to say let us know

Thank you for reading, we appreciate you and your support, every like, comment, page view helps us grow and develop to serve you better.


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