Crafting - The Alternative Way to Treat Yourself

Crafting - The Alternative Way to Treat Yourself

What we think about wellbeing at Creative-UK

Below we have listed some of the many reasons that we believe crafting, particularly group crafting can have an incredible effect on wellbeing

Wellbeing should be high on everyone's priority list but unfortunately often gets 'pushed back'. Lack of time is often cited as a major cause for neglecting ourselves or actually not knowing what the best activity for wellbeing might be.

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Investing in Yourself

Learning a new skill can be better for wellbeing than traditional ways to treat yourself because not only does it offer long term benefits of having new knowledge there is also a great sense of accomplishment. 


Instead of indulging in temporary pleasures like unhealthy food, alcohol or an expensive item, learning a new skill can provide a sense of purpose, new focus and empowerment.

Learning can also boost self esteem and promote mental stimulation.

Attending a workshop and meeting new people supports social interaction, new connections with like-minded individuals and possibly new opportunities. Group activity reduces loneliness.

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craft class learning to use pyrography machine to create artwork


If the workshop or class also includes a takeaway item the benefits have even more of a lasting effect. You may want to display the item in your home, show it off to friends and relatives or even give as a gift. 

Gifting releases dopamine, the benefits here, are becoming infinite! 

Gifts produced by handmade sources reduce the carbon footprint and in turn are kinder to the environment. 

Pyrography on a chopping board created at a group workshop to be given as a gift

Overall, learning a new skill can provide foundations for success in selling the given product or eventually teaching others, thus giving opportunities for both personal and professional growth.

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Crafting is the new and alternative way to treat yourself, focus on wellbeing, invest in yourself and reap the benefits. Feel empowered, boost your self esteem and open up new connections and opportunities.


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